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Happiness is a choice, a practice, a way of life.

Everyone wants to be happy, but you are not designed to live a life of continuous bliss. Your negative emotions are there to help you survive, while your positive ones empower you to learn, grow, and create important social connections.

I want to get conversations about happiness started, particularly in the area of marriage and other long-term romantic relationships. The fairy tale expectations that rarely reflect reality are just one of the reasons that struggling marriages are surrounded by so much shame.

I prefer to think about marriage as the best environment available to experience transformational personal development. Learn to love and accept yourself and you will learn to love and accept your spouse.

Choose to be Robustly Happy 

Not all types of happiness are created equally

Fragile happiness comes when you don't know what makes you happy, or you rely on other people to make you feel good.

This puts you into a very vulnerable position. What happens if your life takes a dip and you suddenly find yourself in the grip of depression, or if the person/people you are relying on disappear from your life?

Choose to be robustly happy.

This means you are able to maintain your positive mindset regardless of the change and challenges that come your way. That doesn't mean you will alway be happy, but you will experience far more positive emotions than negative ones.

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