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Reen Rose is an experienced, informative, and engaging speaker, author, and educator, based in the beautiful Okanagan area of British Columbia. She has worked for over three decades in the world of education, teaching children and adults in Canada and England.

Her presentations and workshops are a wonderful blend of research-based expertise, storytelling, humor, and practical strategies. Reen believes in equipping individuals with the tools they need to be happy and successful. She is a Myers Briggs certified practitioner, a Microsoft Office certified trainer, and a qualified and experienced teacher.

This happy-preneur is on a mission to boost mental well-being throughout the world by making the inclusion of happiness skills part of every school’s philosophy. Reen is dedicated to increasing the success, satisfaction, and spirit of the world, - one child, one classroom, one school at a time.


Modelling Happiness 

Evidence-based research has discovered many benefits for living a happy life. Being more successful, living longer, and having stronger support networks are just three of the compelling reasons. The advantages are clear, yet more young people than ever are dealing with mental health issues like depression and anxiety. Children learn by observing the adults in their lives. Are you showing them how to live a robustly happy life? 

Reen lived a happy life – until she didn’t. Because she hadn’t learned skills to manage her well-being or help her understand that she was responsible for her own happiness, when she slumped into a deep depression, she had no idea what to do. Her journey back to happiness, and her determination to make sure her children never found themselves in the same situation, led her to create the Modelling Happiness Program. 

The Modelling Happiness program includes eight precepts that are based on scientific research. A precept is a principle for action. Each one is designed to increase your understanding of the supporting science, and is accompanied by strategies to help put it into action. 

Because the key to changing the world lies with the younger generation, the program is aimed at teachers and parents, but the precepts work just as well for leaders in all walks of life.

Join Reen on her mission to improve the mental wellness of the world, one child, one classroom, one family at a time.

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