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The Greyt Zone is a space dedicated to learning how to change your experience of life from grey to greyt!

As a new couple of "junior seniors," we’re intent on enjoying great love in our grey years. Instead of settling for "grey” we’re actively exploring what it takes to find “great” in all aspects of our life and love.

We’re open-heartedly talking about the questions and challenges life presents each of us as we discover what’s so great about life and love as we age.

We invite you to join us on our journey.

The Greyt Zone Podcast

Hey, did you hear the story about the happiness coach who falls in love with a team-building consultant?

Well, that’s our story. To find out what happens, listen to The Greyt Zone podcast with Reen and David. In each podcast, we share our story about shifting from grey to great.

Reen and David
Introduce The Greyt Zone Podcast

David Church

In my career as a change management consultant, I’ve empowered teams and organizations to address challenging situations. I’ve used my expertise in human dynamics and facilitation to help them improve their performance. I now work with individuals, couples, and teams to help them elevate their success and happiness.

My academic background includes an MA in Human Systems Intervention from Montreal’s Concordia University. I am fascinated by new perspectives in diverse fields including neuroscience, psychology, spirituality and change theory.

In my lifetime I’ve experienced both the joy and the heartbreak that come with personal success and failure. My experience has taught me that as I become more skillful when making important decisions, I enjoy more happiness in my life. This awareness led me to commit to modelling and sharing decision-making skills that empower others to enjoy better results.

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Reen Rose

I've spent much of my life as a people pleaser. I was convinced that there was a right and wrong choice for EVERYTHING and I looked to other people to tell me that I was a good person.

These beliefs and behaviors meant that I was giving my power to others, as if they knew me better than I knew myself.

When I started my journey of personal development and empowerment, I thought I knew who I was and what I wanted. In truth, I knew the person I thought I was supposed to be and I let social and family pressure influence what I believed I wanted. 

It took time and effort, but I've learned not only who I am and what I want, but I've accepted that I don't need to be perfect.

Life is a journey and learning is a process. I trust myself and I take responsibility for my choices and decisions. If I can change my life, then so can you.

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The Greyt Zone Podcast with Reen & David


Each episode of The Greyt Zone podcast is dedicated to exploring what’s great about life and love as we age. We explore questions and situations that are common, regardless of the date on your birth certificate.

We invite you to join us on our journey.


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Greyt Decisions with David


Using a proven step-by-step method, I’ll lead you through a process in which you define your key issue, gain understanding of your challenges, explore your options and come to a compassionate conclusion.


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Greyt Wisdom with Reen


I’m a life design coach and self-proclaimed happiness maven who helps ordinary people live extraordinary lives. All you need is to be open and curious, interested in learning something new, and willing to invest your time and energy.

The Greyt Wisdom membership site will be launched in the near future. Let me know if you want to be notified when the community is ready to be joined. 

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