Reen Rose

TEDx Speaker, Author, Happiness Maven

Happiness is a Choice!

I lived a happy life – until I didn’t. When my life was happy, I didn’t learn the skills I needed later to manage my well-being or help me take responsibility for my own happiness. When I slumped into a deep depression. I had no idea what to do. So I began to read and research what we know about happiness. I hatched a plan for my own journey back to happiness, determined to make sure my children never found themselves as unhappy as I had been. My personal journey led me to create the Modelling Happiness approach to mental well-being.

Science has well documented the many health benefits from living a happy life. Being more successful, living longer and having stronger friendships are just three of the compelling reasons. The advantages are clear, yet more people than ever are dealing with mental health issues like depression and anxiety.

Recent breakthroughs in neuroscience reveal new insights into how we can each affect our own inner experience of happiness. I’ve done the research and identified tips we can all use to elevate our own happiness.

Happiness is affected by personal choice. Only you can make the choice to be happier. My purpose is to support you by sharing knowledge, skills and strategies to help you boost your mental well-being and live a happier life.

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Ways to make yourself and the world happier 

TEDx Speaker

Reen is an experience speaker who's known for delivering customized presentations with humor and story-telling. 

She leaves each participant with strategies they can put into action the minute her presentation is over.

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Modelling Happiness: A guide for teachers and parents 
The Secrets to being Happy at Work
Happiness Habits for Hard Times - coming soon
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Creator of the Modelling Happiness Movement

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The first time I saw Reen Rose speak, I was mesmerized by her quick wit and humour as she gracefully held the attention of every set of eyes and ears in the room. Her clear ability to deliver her message in a way that gets people excited and wanting more is one of Reen’s greatest strengths as a professional trainer and speaker.  Reen is entertaining, engaging, informative and funny, and I look forward to hearing her speak or attending one of her workshops again in the near future.

Jenn Kyllo

Founder and President of  BABES in Business

Suzanne Hanna

Founder and CEO of The Wilderness Walk

Reen is a vivacious and inspiring speaker. She is uplifting and shines a light on how happiness is a choice.

I can’t begin to express the deep transformation that occurred in every aspect of my life

Rebecca Night

Kelowna Women in Business has been fortunate to have Reen as a guest speaker for multiple events. For each presentation Reen engaged the audience with her welcoming and easy style. Reen interjects humour and personal experience to build understanding and connection with all participates. Reen is well versed and very knowledgeable in her material, never missing a beat. Reen has also acted us a MC which is another area of expertise many may not be familiar with; she is witty and charming.

Patricia Chandler

President of KWIB