My style has been described as focused, fun, and very effective. I encourage people to step out of their comfort zone and try something different, whether it is a new skill or finding a new perspective.

All presentations are customized to suit each audience and event theme and can be delivered as a keynote or breakout session. I enjoy connecting with people and love interacting with the attendees.

My goal is to leave each participant with strategies they can put into action the minute the presentation is over.


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Most Requested Presentations

All of my presentations can be delivered as keynotea, or expanded into break-out sessions.

Who Moved my Future? Why humans both love and hate change

Change is inevitable and in today’s world of technology it is happening faster than ever before. You may welcome advancements in medicine and travel but detest anything that requires you to step away from your accustomed routines and comfort zone. This is the paradox of change.

Your brain is designed to learn which means it is designed to change, but it is also programed to be a creature of habit. Discover more about your love/hate relationship with change, and how to leverage that information to your advantage.

Suitable for: Employee Engagement, Company Culture, Morale Building, Leadership, Management


  • More about the love/hate relationship all humans have with change
  • Ways to triumph over your hesitancy to change
  • Strategies to manage change
  • How to leverage your knowledge to give yourself a change advantage
  • Small skills that will make a big difference

The Inside Edge: The key to success and satisfaction

All professional development is personal. If you want to make a difference in your life, your family, your work, or the world, it starts by learning more about yourself.

Suitable for: Leadership, Customer Service, Management, Staff Retention, Personal Development.

Begin a journey of discovery to uncover:

  • Who you are, not who you think you should be
  • What you want
  • How your authentic self can get what it really desires

Modelling Happiness: Leading and living by example

The best way to make a change in family, school, or business culture is to model it. If you want to increase success and personal satisfaction, and improve overall culture, then happiness is key. 

Find out why and how to model happiness to improve your personal or professional environment.

Suitable for: Leadership, Management, Staff Retention, Customer Service, Parents and Teachers, Personal Development


  • The 7 evidence-based precepts for happiness
  • Why happiness matters
  • How to add these precepts into your life and your work.



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Reen Rose is a speaker extraordinaire! Reen holds guests captive from her first words of welcome to her closing summary. Kelowna Women in Business has had fortunate to have Reen as a guest speaker for multiple events. For each presentation Reen engaged the audience with her welcoming and easy style. Reen interjects humour and personal experience to build understanding and connection with all participates. Reen is well versed and very knowledgeable in her material, never missing a beat. Reen has also acted us a MC which is another area of expertise many may not be familiar with; she is witty and charming. Personally I have attended several other events which have featured Reen as a guest speaker. I have always come away with something new and a deeper appreciation of her abilities. I have recommended Reen as a speaker to businesses and other organizations such as Penticton Women in Business and Vernon Women in Business. I will continue to do so in the future.

Patricia Chandler