My style has been described as focused, fun, and very effective. I encourage people to step out of their comfort zone and try something different, whether it is a new skill or finding a new perspective.

All presentations are customized to suit each audience and event theme and can be delivered as a keynote or breakout session. I enjoy connecting with people and love interacting with the attendees.

My goal is to leave each participant with strategies they can put into action the minute the presentation is over.


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Most Requested Presentations

All of my presentations can be delivered as keynotea, or expanded into break-out sessions.

The Paradox of Change 

Change is inevitable and in today’s world of technology it is happening faster than ever before. You may welcome advancements in medicine and travel but detest anything that requires you to step away from your accustomed routines and comfort zone. This is the paradox of change.

Your brain is designed to learn which means it is designed to change, but it is also programed to be a creature of habit. Discover more about your love/hate relationship with change, and how to leverage that information to your advantage.

Suitable for: Employee Engagement, Company Culture, Morale Building, Leadership, Management


  • More about the love/hate relationship all humans have with change
  • Ways to triumph over your hesitancy to change
  • Strategies to manage change
  • How to leverage your knowledge to give yourself a change advantage
  • Small skills that will make a big difference

All Successful Development is Personal

You may think you are putting professional, or business development plans into place, but really you are working on personal development. This awareness can help you achieve your work goals in less time.

Suitable for: Leadership, Customer Service, Management, Sales, Marketing, Staff Retention


  • The relationship between personal development and all other types of growth
  • Affective ways to grow yourself and your business
  • The importance of fostering personal growth within the work environment
  • Ways to add opportunities for individual development to your work day
  • Daily rituals that will encourage personal and business growth

Moving Towards Consciousness in Business and Life

Conscious business is one of the new buzz words. Contrary to popular belief, it isn’t just about social awareness. Discover what it means to do business consciously.

Suitable for: Leadership, Management, Staff Retention, Customer Service, Morale Building


  • How to trust your gut instincts and why that it important
  • The importance of mindfulness and how to implement it into your daily life
  • Why you need to know your values and intentions and how to find out what they are
  • Why collaboration is the new competition
  • What makes a business conscious
  • A new mindset for business
  • That conscious businesses can also be wildly profitable



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