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The Secrets to Being Happy at Work: Learn to Love the Job You're With

If your feelings about work are predominately negative rather than positive, then you are not alone. Surveys show that the number of dissatisfied workers in high and rising each year. It isn’t uncommon for people to leave their current work because they aren’t happy, only to find their new job doesn’t offer them long-term happiness either. Unless you discover what will increase your positive feelings, you are unlikely to make changes to your work life that will offer a true difference.

Why should businesses care whether or not their staff is happy? Research shows that happy workers are more productive, offer more to their organizations and are less likely to leave in search of a better job. The cost of training new hires is high, so establishing a strategy to encourage staff retention is important.

Many of the secrets in this book will apply just as much to your personal life as to your working one. In today’s world the different areas of our lives are so intertwined that it is often difficult to separate them. This book pulls together the secrets revealed by studies on happiness and provides strategies to increase the positivity in all areas of your life.


Modelling Happiness: A Guide for Teachers & Parents

Evidence-based research has discovered many benefits for living a happy life. Being more successful, living longer, and having stronger support networks are just three of the compelling reasons. The advantages are clear, yet more young people than ever are dealing with mental health issues like depression and anxiety. Children learn by observing the adults in their lives. Are you showing them how to live a robustly happy life? 

Modelling Happiness shares eight precepts that are based on scientific research.  Each one will help you become robustly happy. You will not only gain knowledge, you will also discover strategies for action. 

The book is aimed at teachers and parents, but the precepts are for leaders in all walks of life.





I find your columns extremely good. Betther than anything that I find on National sites such as Yahoo, or MSN. When articles of such depth and quality are written, one can't help but be engrossed.

Jeff H.