I am a self-proclaimed happiness maven although it would be just as true to say I am a purposeful, life-long learner.

I was raised without any thought of self-awareness or personal growth. I was naturally optimistic but painfully self-conscious. This led me to subconsciously hide who I was from anyone I didn't know well, by smiling but saying nothing. I didn’t uncover the fact that I am not a shy person, until I was well into my adult life.

This fact became known when I began a conscious journey of self- awareness and personal development. I now understand that any change you want to make in your life, regardless of whether it is personally or professionally focused, starts with increased self-discovery.

Personal development is the key to successful professional development. If you want your business to be more successful, or to become a better leader, start by learning more about yourself.

I thought I had escaped my family’s predisposition to mood disorders until circumstances in my life became such that my sleeping gene was switched on. It was my experiences with depression that started my fascination with positive psychology.

Scientific research has revealed incredible information that shows success, happiness, and many other goals we strive for are more than simply a stroke of luck. My presentations are based in the results of many of these studies.

I have had a wide variety of work experiences, although the one that I have dedicated the most time to is teaching. I have more than three decades of experience, first teaching in the school systems in British Columbia and England, and then moving into adult education.

I have also worked in Tourism & Hospitality, Retail, Health and Fitness, non-profits, entrepreneurship, and office work. My life has not been without its hiccups.

I am thankful for the difficulties and challenges I have faced, because they have helped me learn, grow, and become the strong, purpose driven person I am today. I currently live with my husband, three cats and one dog, in the beautiful Okanagan valley of British Columbia.



Take my advice and grasp any opportunity you can find for self-development. It will help you find more satisfaction in every corner of your life and make navigating change easier.

Reen Rose