Reen Shares Her Message of
Hope andĀ  InspirationĀ 

My style has been described as focused, fun, and very effective. I encourage people to step out of their comfort zone and try something different, whether it is a new skill or finding a new perspective.

All presentations are customized to suit each audience and event theme and can be delivered as a keynote or breakout session. I enjoy connecting with people and love interacting with the attendees.

My goal is to leave each participant with strategies they can put into action the minute the presentation is over.

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More aboutĀ Reen speaking at your next event

Reen Rose is a happiness speaker and author who shares simple strategies to boost happiness.Ā  Reen draws on scientific research and illustrates with her own experiences to tell a story of how greater happiness is possible for anyone.Ā 

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Reen is an experienced public speaker with a track record of successful and engaging presentations. View this demo reel to see and hear Reen in action.Ā 


Need a Master of Ceremonies?

"Reen is the best M.C. I have seen. She has a very unique ability to entertain, educate, inspire, and lead an event with grace and ease. It is a gift."

Julie Hoffman, Street Smart Diva