Common Marriage Myths

  • When you get married, two become one.

  • If your relationship struggles, you are married to the wrong person.

  • The honeymoon phase of your relationship should last forever.

  • Other married people don’t bicker, fight, and wonder if their relationship is worth the effort.

  • If your marriage is failing, you are a failure at relationships.

  • When you find your soul mate you will live happily ever after.

  • You and your partner are responsible for making each other happy.

These myths contribute to the embarassment people feel when their long-term romantic relationship is struggling. I believe it is time to remove the cloak of shame from the realities of living with another person.

By starting a more transparent conversation, we can bust some of these myths. I can help you see your relationship and yourself with fresh eyes so you can create a life together that is happier than ever.

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Relying on someone else to make you happy, puts you into a very vulnerable position. 

We are all responsible for our own happiness.

Reen Rose