I am a life design coach, and a self-proclaimed happiness maven.

I spent much of my life as a people pleaser. I was convinced that there was a right and wrong choice for EVERYTHING and I looked to other people to tell me that I was a good person.

These beliefs and behaviors meant that I was giving my power to other people, as if they knew me better than I knew myself.

When I started my journey of personal development and empowerment, I thought I knew who I was and what I wanted. In truth, I knew the person I thought I was supposed to be and I let social and family pressure influence what I believed I wanted. 

It took time and effort, but I have learned not only who I am and what I want, but I've accepted that I don't need to be perfect. Life is a journey and learning is a process. I trust myself and I take responsibility for my choices and decisions. 

If I can transform my life into one that I love, then so can you. All you need is to be open and curious, interested in learning something new, and willing to invest your time and energy.  

I can help you transform your world into the life of your dreams.  



The first time I saw Reen Rose speak, I was mesmerized by her quick wit and humour as she gracefully held the attention of every set of eyes and ears in the room. Her clear ability to deliver her message in a way that gets people excited and wanting more is one of Reen’s greatest strengths as a professional trainer and speaker.  Reen is entertaining, engaging, informative and funny, and I look forward to hearing her speak or attending one of her workshops again in the near future.

Jenn Kyllo