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The Secrets to Being
Happy at Work

This book draws on the research on happiness to give you practical strategies you can use to increase your experience of positivity, especially at work.  It is intended for anyone who earns a living. Learn how you can turn almost any job into a job that you love. Guided by research, Reen shares the results of her search for universal principles to achieve happiness at work. 

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Modelling Happiness: A Guide for Teachers and Parents

This book is to inspire and equip teachers and parents to model happiness. We know that children model themselves after the important adults in their lives. The most vital thing you can do if you want your children and students to be happy is to model the behaviors you want them to adopt. By becoming a happiness model, you help change the world, one child, one class, one school at a time. 

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Connect with Reen as a Columnist

Over the past seven years,  Reen has authored over 300 original columns.
Her column, The Happiness Connection, explores the research that shows why happy people are better leaders, more successful, and healthier than their unhappy counterparts.

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