Your number one resource is the people in your company. Successful companies are comprised of effective leaders and engaged teams. A team with poor dynamics may have conflict, poor motivation and less than perfect performance. This affects profitability, staff retention, performance and your company’s reputation.

Jobs are not just about specific tasks that are assigned to us; they are also about our relationships with supervisors and co-workers and our abilities to deal with an ever changing environment. Anyone who has worked in an office knows that working with others can be extremely challenging.

Reen uses the MBTI tool along with her energetic, fun and authentic approach to the challenges of the workplace to help your team become happier, more resilient and more productive.

The Myers Briggs Type Indicator provides an effective vocabulary to:

  • Improve team dynamics.
  • Create strategies to deal with change.
  • Learn to appreciate personality differences.
  • Make better work-life choices.
  • Use individual differences in a constructive way.

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My experience working with Reen Rose to find out my Myers Briggs personality type was exceptional. She guided me through the process with clarity and ease and has helped me come to a clearer understanding of myself.

Emily Swan, Vancouver