I am a self-proclaimed happiness maven.

I haven't always been that way. My journey of self-discovery has been full of challenges, including a struggling marriage and suffering from clinical depression.

I am thankful for the difficulties I have faced, because they have helped me learn, grow, and become a stronger person. My experiences led me to wanting to help other people who have also struggled to find happiness in their lives.

The key to having happiness in any area of your life, regardless of whether that is at home, at work, or within your romantic relationship is learning to love, accept, and understand yourself.

I am an experienced, informative, and engaging speaker, author, and educator, based in the beautiful Okanagan area of British Columbia. I have worked for over three decades in the world of education, teaching children and adults in Canada and England.

Regardless of whether you invite me to speak, read one of my books, or work through one of my online courses, you will receive new information, tools, and skills to help you create a happier life.



Happiness is a choice.