Reen Rose is an experienced, informative, and engaging speaker, author, and educator, based in the beautiful Okanagan area of British Columbia. She has worked for over three decades in the world of education, teaching children and adults in Canada and England.

This happy-preneur is on a mission to boost mental well-being throughout the world by sharing the eight precepts - principles for action - of robust happiness. Reen believes  the most successful way to boost happiness is to model it. People may not be listening to you, but they are always watching you. She is dedicated to increasing the success, satisfaction, and spirit of the world, - one child, one classroom, one family at a time.


I believe happiness is a conscious choice that each robustly happy person makes. It isn't what happens to you that makes you happy, it's how you respond to it.


My Story

I was a very happy person for the first thirty years of my life. That doesn't mean my life was perfect, but I knew everything would work out for me, and it always did. When I was in my late twenties, I met a man while I was in England and decided after ten weeks he was the man for me. We were married a few months later and I moved away from Canada to start a new adventure.

Things started out well, but slowly I found being away from my family, my friends, my career, and my culture to take its toll on me. This was almost thirty years ago, so staying in touch was much more of a challenge, and I found myself falling into a deep pit of suicidal depression. I didn't know what had made me happy, so I didn't know how to find it again.

I was saved by a stroke of fate. I found that I was pregnant. It wasn't just about me anymore. I clawed my way out of that darkness, but I lived many years when I was just surviving. I wanted more for my children, so I started to search for ways to ensure they never experienced what I was going through. This lead me to research what science had discovered about wellbeing. 

This new knowledge put me on my path to boosing the wellbeing of the world by sharing my eight precepts of robust happiness. This is my term for positivity that can withstand challenge and change.


I believe the best way to teach children to be happy is by modelling it. They learn by observing the significant adults in their lives, so it is time for us to make sure we are modelling robust happiness.


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I believe there is a difference between fragile and robust happiness. Fragile happiness is easily fragmented when your life encounters difficulties. Robust happiness is a mindset, a way of life; it can withstand challenge and change.



“The first time I saw Reen Rose speak, I was mesmerized by her quick wit and humour as she gracefully held the attention of every set of eyes and ears in the room. Her clear ability to deliver her message in a way that gets people excited and wanting more is one of Reen’s greatest strengths as a professional trainer and speaker.  Reen is entertaining, engaging, informative and funny, and I look forward to hearing her speak or attending one of her workshops again in the near future.”

            Jenn Kyllo (Founder and President BABES in Business)

Just as poised as she is hilarious, Reen was masterful at illustrating how to go from depressed and frustrated to truly happy. She not only uses her story to inspire, but gives incredible insight so you can make the same journey.

Rocky Callen (Author, Founder of the Bleed Ink Method)

Entertaining and informative.  Connect with your inner happiness and take your corporation to another level. Happy employees mean a fruitful business. Let Reen show you how to expedite your happiness curve and boost your business.

Laurie Foster (Founder of The Mojo Mama)

Reen Rose is a speaker extraordinaire! Reen holds guests captive from her first words of welcome to her closing summary. 

            Patricia Chandler (President Kelowna Women in Business)

Reen is an amazing speaker.  She is the best M.C. I have seen. She has a very unique ability to entertain, educate, inspire, and lead an event with grace and ease. It is a gift.  Every event I have attended with Reen was a huge success.... largely because of her.

            Julie Hoffman (The Street-smart Diva)


I believe happiness skills and strategies can, and should be taught to everyone.


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I feel happier just hearing Reen speak. Her message of happiness is delivered with passion; she is professional, engaging and inspirational.


Carla Dahlen